Wooden iPad IOS stands are a unique idea for your tablet. These gadgets are attractive and they ensure that the iPad is held in place securely. They do not hold the tablet so tight as you can easily remove it from the holder. These stands will hold all kinds of tablets with a maximum thickness of up to 11mm. For instance, Worktop express iPad stands are uniquely designed to detail and they are customized for each type of machine. These iPad holders are big enough compared to most in the market allowing you to rest the whole edge on the holder. The holder ensures that the iPad is securely rests in the bag that it is carried in.


The holders are applied with Danish oil to enhance its durability in the long-term and to enable it to be easily cleaned when need be. It can be washed with a damp cloth and they can be oiled again in case the previous one wears off. The ipad air pos stand are made from iroko, wenge, zebrano, solid oak and European walnut. This material is more quality than any other plastic stand in the market. They are available online and one can acquire it from there.


These wood pads come in a variety of designs. They are designed differently for iPhone, iPad, one for iPhone 3/3GS and for 4/4S. Those designed for iPad come in two slots one for 15 degree angle that serves the purpose of viewing pictures. The other slot is for the playing games and for the use of a keyboard which is external, it is set at a 26 degree angle. Learn more about iPad at



A lot of effort goes into crafting these holders and they therefore do not go for less than $30. They are normally handmade therefore it requires time to finish. The designers usually try to customize their crafts and the way they reach out to their customers. For example the plywood stand by North Made Goods usually deliver their products with a note that is customized to the customer. It comes with a sticky pad that is attached to the iPad and it can be attached and removed a couple of times. The sticky pad is safe to use on the iPad as it does not spoil any of its features. These idynamo stand for ipad come in handy when you want to prop up the iPad on the counter or any other place you are working on. These stands are very portable. These is therefore a must have accessory for your iPad.